Sometimes life brings along new encounters, new people and new events to attend, just for us to learn more about ourselves and our past as well future opportunities. Timing is everything and many times these encounters might feel that they come to our path too early, making us feel like we are not ready yet for this challenge or opportunity. Sometimes life will also bring us events or people that we could learn from our past experiences, something we have left behind and didn’t learn it at the first time. Sometimes life can also test us, if we are ready for the new opportunities by making us see, what there is in us needed to be developed before we can step up to the next level in our lives. These events may come to you as a striking lightning, shaking you up and making you suddently wide awake. 

This poem talks about all of that and more. It tells about our passions and how passion shapes our lives. It tells about our willingness to participate to such an events and wanting not to let go, when we have finally realized our own dreams. It tells about promises made thousands of lifetimes ago, meeting of the souls and all those memories it will bring alive in us. Its about love in unusual form, where two souls are challenged to recognize each others and brake barriers greater than life itself. This poam is about permission and it asks: ”Who gave you the permisson?”

I hope you enjoy the poem, Reija 


Standing here,
in the middle of the broken roads,
I found my passion,

It’s written into the winds of these mountains,
painted on the leaves of these ancient trees,
and still I am shivering,

This feeling,
that seems to be alive,
hidden behind the barriers,
of my own mind,
roars like a hungry lion,

I look at you,
and all the colours of your eyes,
I look at you,
and all I want now is to run and hide,

What gives your permisson to approach me with such a lie?

You don’t want me,
You want my passion for life,
And you don’t need me,
you only need to feed your hungry eyes,

I hear the lion roaring,
I see it in your eyes,
I feel my heart soaring,
as I am reaching up high,

Because I know you and the state of your mind,

I look at you from heavens,
still wanting to dive,
but my heart belongs to mystics,
of these old forests still alive,

You are better without me,
because I would steel your soul,
and I would left your body you know today,
to die,

I am a witch of the winds,
and magician of the skies,
I speak thousands of languages,
so there is no place for you to hide,

Trust me,
I know what you keep inside,
the hunger of victory,
and thousands of lies,

Those are the colours I want to hide,
those are the traits that still make me shy,
because I know you,
and I know you cannot handle the passion,
I have inside,

It’s greater than life,
and greater than all the nine skies,
it’s greater than rivers,
and all the seas running wild,
But I am still resisting,

I know we made a promise,
on those conviction times,
after thousands of lifetimes,
we will meet,
and let those fires run again wild,

But who gives you the permission to approach me now?
I am not ready,
and I don’t know when I am,
or how,

Be kind and forgive me,
please give me more time,
I am not ready yet,
to lose again my mind,

Because I know those eternal flames and what happens when they combine,

Go away,
I am not worth of your time,
go back to your people,
people of your own kind,
I see all those fires burning inside,
but I am too tired of all these battles,
trying to explain my own mind,

I vision you,
as mirrow on the wall,
reflecting my memories,
from the past times before,

You cannot be more,
than a chost of my past,
you lived once a life upon this earth,
and you said it would be your last,

So what gives you permisson to appear into my life now?