All those unseen walls
broken dreams inside the hidden halls
not able to move a cell
life inside the head is like living hell

Too many barriers to overcome
seeing possibilities to work on just some
not able to see
how it all could be
to let all burdens go

But your heart already knows
what must be done

Weighting the weights
measuring the different dates
clinging on the same old baits
not trusting the wisdom of the heart

Closing the ears
only listening old peers
but not the signs of the higher mind
lost in circles of learning
not following the inner burning
the passion that would change the life

Those walls are not real
heart only needs to heal
with the overflow of new love

There is no need to run
no need for more powerful gun
the battles are over

It’s time for new way
new words and new way to say
I love you

It´s time to leave old wounds behind
find those new people who are naturally kind
to let your heart grow
to let your mind being blown
with wonders of life

Don’t believe on those unseen walls
not even those hidden halls
you are much more than your fears
stop listening your old peers
and open your heart to love

There is nothing to be lost
there is only one high cost
if you’re not listening your heart
life is not waiting
don’t miss dating
that girl of your dreams

There is only everything to gain
the game will never again be the same
when your heart stands in resting
when you start your own nesting
building up the family of your dreams

So don’t believe on those unseen walls
don´t refuse those inner calls
as life is not waiting
for those who don’t have the balls

Trust my advice
and not all those unlearned guys
I have walked in those hidden halls
I have also believed on those unseen walls
before I desided to walk through those open doors my heart saw

So trust your heart
believe in your better part
and let your heart guide you for the new start

Reija Lammi
Saga of the Heart poetry